Want to learn more about why Clean was founded and the journey we took to make this a reality? Or maybe hoping to find out where our profit goes? Clean is a company managed by college students looking to be as transparent with the world and where their contributions are going! 

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Our Mission

Spread Health and Positivity!

Due to the recent devastations this year, we believe the Earth and its people deserve more, which is why 10% of all proceeds will go towards the Charity of the public's choice! We understand not everyone believes in the same causes, which is why we are giving people the choice to choose and support what they believe in while getting back in return 

Why sanitizers?

Stay safe, Be clean

What Started as a College Engineering Research project grew into a massive need in an effort to create something I could comfortably give to family and friends. 

Spreading Our Wings

As a Community

Initially, Selling wasn't an idea that surfaced until neighbors and fellow residents became curious after using these sanitizers in public. This became apparent that the public didn't have access to portable cleaning agents that were multi-useful, spraying down door handles and shopping carts.

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Save money and decrease plastic consumption with our 12oz Refill Bottles! 

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No Artificial Fragrance

Clean sells products that we'd proudly want our friends and families to use.

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100% Organic

Embrace the sweet and woody aromas that the Earth has to offer!

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